Press Play | Cool Down: Transcending Sound's Fall 2015 Playlist


Hey, hey, hey!

I wanted to change the flow of my posts by sharing some music. So, I decided to share all of my favorite songs of the season thus far by creating a playlist!

Since we're in the midst of the beautiful autumn season and we're experiencing chilly days, Cool Down is the theme of this season's playlist. The songs I chose for the playlist thus far shift from being somewhat upbeat to slow-paced, which reflects what usually happens to some of our lives as the weather gets colder: things around us slow down and some things fade away.

I had so much fun putting it together that this will definitely become a thing that I do every season. By the way, I may add more to the list as the season progresses, so make sure you revisit the playlist every once in a while.

Let me know what you think in the comments or over on Twitter at @amirahrashidah or hashtag #TranscendingSound. Happy listening!