"There's Magic In Everything You Do...": On The Supernatural Energy of KING

Photo of KING (left to right: Anita Bias, Paris Strother, and Amber Strother) taken by Sharon Esquivel.

Photo of KING (left to right: Anita Bias, Paris Strother, and Amber Strother) taken by Sharon Esquivel.

"And if you feel the way I do and think that I make magic too, then we'll disappear into eternity."

- KING, "Supernatural"


My Twitter timeline blew up one particular night in early 2011, thanks to Phonte and Questlove, over a group called KING. I thought I'd check them out since Phonte and Questlove are usually phenomenal in recognizing talent...and they proved themselves right. I haven't stopped listening to the all lady trio since.

All I can remember from that night is replaying their first video over and over again. I was in awe of the ethereal harmonies, awesome arrangement, and beautiful lyrics of "The Story," a narrative covered in discovery, fear, and hope of how twin sisters Paris and Amber traveled and settled in L.A. with fellow music sister Anita to pursue their career.  The video, which was handmade by them, adds more to the inspiring nature of the song.

album artwork for  We Are KING

album artwork for We Are KING


It's been almost five years since we've received The Story EP, a three track project filled with feelings of love and nostalgia, yet fresh in sound. They released "In The Meantime,""Mister Chameleon," and "Go Slow" from Red Hot + Fela, and have been featured on tracks with Robert Glasper,The Foreign Exchange, and more since The Story. They've not only received co-signs from Phonte and Questlove, but from Erykah Badu and mentoring from the legendary Prince, which they spoke about here. We haven't gotten an album from them, but that's about to change...and I couldn't be happier.

KING announced on Thanksgiving that their debut album, We Are KING, will be released independently on February 5th. Along with the news, they released an extended version of "Hey" and a video for their new song, "The Greatest." Giving homage to Muhammad Ali via the retro feel of an old school video game, "The Greatest" feels good. Check out the video below:

Someone commented on one of KING's videos and labeled the particular song as transcendental. As soon as I read that, I knew that it described them perfectly. Their catalog, though small in size, is full of gems. The combination of Amber and Anita's vocals with Paris' productions give you no choice but to feel elevated. Listening to them is like filling a void you didn't know you had, and even after almost five years, I still feel the magic in their art.

I hope that their black girl magic is here to stay.


Find KING on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, their website, and get their debut album on iTunes or Bandcamp.

Make sure to check out this great interview they did with Rob Markman & Kristin Coral over at the Red Light Special podcast below.