Press Play | #GoodMusicAndChill: Transcending Sound's Winter 2016 Playlist



With constant reminders of hate and negativity around, there's always a need to spread love. Love, to me, isn't only romance, but includes being warm, empathetic, and caring, along with other things, to a person or people. Love isn't about a person's looks: it's about the euphoric feeling they give you. Oh, and love isn't only extended this way to other people, but starts within...because seriously, what does love have to do with it when you don't love yourself? (5 gold stars to whoever knows where that line came from!)

This season's playlist, #GoodMusicAndChill, mixes all of these feelings of love together.

Much of the playlist is R&B, so if you like R&B, then you'll love this. From D'Angelo covers and SWV samples to dreamy sounds and trap soul influences, there are old and new sounds and songs from familiar and unfamiliar artists alike. The playlist is a little short of an hour, so feel free to play it more than once. I contemplated adding so many more songs, but I became so frustrated by the order of the songs from the 11 songs that I chose! Plus, I had to get it out to y'all this weekend while folks are stuck indoors due to the blizzard! I is the ultimate chill weekend. 

It feels like forever since I've posted here on TS, but trust and believe, TS has been on my mind and heart. I've been trying to develop quality content for you all! I hope that when I publish something new -- hopefully next week! -- that it's something you'll like. Until then, grab something to eat and drink then sit back, relax, and enjoy the vibes. Listen to some good music and chill, share the vibes, and let me know what you think on Twitter at @amirahrashidah or by using the hashtag #GoodMusicAndChill.

Love and light to you all, and as always, be inspired.



BJ the Chicago Kid - Send It On (D'Angelo cover) | Alex Isley - Into Orbit | KING - Hey (Extended Mix) | ArchDuke - Nefertiti (feat. Taylor Iman) | Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Show Me | Kehlani - The Way (feat. Chance The Rapper) [Sango, Atu, Dpat, Asante Remix] | eu-IV - R A I N //// | J*DaVeY - Center of the Earth | Teedra Moses - Make It Beautiful.