Transcending Sound's Spring 2016 Playlist Is Here!


Reboot. Refresh. Restart. 

After a dark and cold winter, I look forward to seeing the revitalization of life that spring provides. It's a beautiful thing to see the leaves grow back on the trees and the flowers bloom, the grass return to a vibrant green hue, and see people intentionally go outside to enjoy nature. Witnessing life awaken after a time of slumber is so spiritual and important to me, especially because it reminds me of my many seasons of rising and falling. I'm happy to say that this season is the rise and reawakening, which is what this season's Transcending Sound playlist is all about. 

I decided to name this playlist in honor of a Kendrick Lamar song from untitled, unmastered. Filled with songs full of light melodies and heavy bass lines that start mellow and become upbeat just as the season usually unravels, I thought it was perfect to represent spring. This 13-track playlist includes original songs, remixes, instrumentals, mashups and covers from various producers, singers and musicians in various ranges of hip-hop, R&B and jazz. Hopefully you'll feel your mood elevate and feel yourself gradually moving around as you listen to it. The very least you should do is nod or milly rock. I'll allow that. 

So, welcome to spring! Welcome to your glo' up! Make sure you jump up in the air and stay there like Erykah Badu said a few years ago, or like Kendrick said in one word in untitled 07, levitate. I know I will! 

Listen to the playlist below or find it over on SoundCloud. Then, make sure you let me know what your favorite song is on the playlist on Twitter at @amirahrashidah.

Love and light, 



Tom Misch - High | Demae Chioma Wodu - Y Don't We Fall In Love? | Terrace Martin - Valdez Off Crenshaw | The Internet - Timeless (feat. NickyDavey) | Oddisee - Catching Vibes | Iman Omari - Oo Lah Lah [Loop] | Duncan Gerow - Aaliyah + Tim & Bob = Rock The Boat | India Shawn - Floating Away (feat. James Fauntleroy) | Muhsinah - Magical | Maségo - 73 Degrees (Dem Apples Bootleg) | Melo-Zed - Khaleds Keys | LAKIM - Janet Jackson feat. Missy Elliott - BURNITUP! (LAKIM Remix)