5 Useful Twitter Chats for Black & Urban Music Creatives


A lot of artists shy away from social media platforms, but I don't think they should.

Why? Because, if used the right way, it could help an artist gain a bigger audience, learn of opportunities to expand their brand, provide inspiration, and, of course, provide a place for an artist to share his/her music...and what artist doesn't want their music to be heard?

Even though I don't create music (I do have musical talents though!), as a writer and curator, I understand how important it is to connect with my target audience. Networking is essential for a creative, so why not utilize social media platforms, like Twitter, to its highest potential? I recently decided to step out of my comfort zone and network online via Twitter chats and it's been an amazing experience thus far.

Networking is essential for a creative, so why not utilize social media platforms like Twitter to its highest potential?

It's been hard finding active Twitter chats about music, especially hip-hop, R&B and jazz. Even with the ones that I've found, most of them aren't solely about creativity in music or even specific to music at all. HOWEVER, they're useful in finding inspiration, learning something new, and connecting with potential fans and collaborators. 

You may notice that some of the chats I mention below overlap and that's okay. You can always see what they've talked about afterwards and contribute to the conversation by reading the hashtags and tweet about it by including the hashtag in your tweet. Just make sure you don't go in these chats spamming them with links to your music!

Check out the five Twitter chats below:



Tuesdays at 9PM EST

#HipHopEd is ran by HipHopEd, a chat and platform started in 2010 by educators Dr. Christopher Emdin and Brandon Frame that connects hip-hop and education and how they can impact the community. Those intersections are discussed in various ways, sometimes through album and artist discussions, and how those works can be translated into education. Don't worry about not being an educator in this chat; you can still participate in the chat as an artist or hip-hop head. You'll definitely learn a lot and be inspired by it. Find out more about HipHopEd on their website and Twitter at @TheRealHipHopEd and their hashtag #HipHopEd.



Tuesdays at 3PM EST

Started by Nora Rahimian and Natalie Crue, CultureFix is a global platform for artivists, influencers, and more that use their creativity for social change. The chat discusses various topics such as women in art, networking, identity, and more. Follow the chat on Twitter at @CultureFix_ and the hashtag at #CultureFix.



2nd Monday of every month at 9 PM EST

Stumbling across blkcreatives on my timeline a few months ago was a blessing. Ran by Melissa Kimble, #blkcreatives provides inspiration (and I mean GREAT inspiration), resources, and community support for black creatives. The chat's topics include subjects like productivity, anxiety, faith, and more. Make sure to check out the interviews, merchandise, and #blkcreatives events over on their website, and of course, follow them on Twitter at @blkcreatives and the chat at #blkcreatives.


#TheListening – Thursdays at 9 PM EST

TheListening is for the hip-hop head that loves hearing new music. It is a weekly chat ran by AmplifiH.E.R., a website that curates content around great hip-hop. The chat provides a live track by track listening session for various hip-hop projects, which, based off of the two chats I've participated with, have been amazing. To hear the project before the chat, make sure to check the hashtag a few days beforehand. Check out AmplifiH.E.R. via their website and blog, and follow them on Twitter and the chat at #TheListening.




Thursdays at 3 PM + 9PM EST 

GGChat is a chat done by GoGirlsMusic, an organization founded in 1996 by Madalyn Sklar for women indie artists and music professionals. Don't be fooled though: the chat is for musicians, creatives and music professionals that are male and female. The weekly chat times may change, so make sure to check the hashtag beforehand to double check the actual time. To learn more, check out their website, and follow them on Twitter at @GoGirlsMusicand their chat at #ggchat



If you have any suggestions for more Twitter chats that weren't included, let me know in the comment section below or tweet me at @amirahrashidah.