freedom: Transcending Sound's Summer 2016 Playlist


Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

I appreciate the summertime. We get longer days of sunshine, warmer days and cool nights, and, for the most part, feel amazing chill vibes. Kids are out of school, people come out of their homes to enjoy the outdoors and travel, and most people are usually happier this time of year. This is also the time of year before cuffing season, so you might find a bae during this time of year if you're out and about!

Speaking of kids being out of school, there's another thing about summer that I love: the sense of nostalgia I feel. When I think of summer, I think of Ameriie's "Why Don't We Fall In Love", DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's "Summertime", and a lot of 90's music. That may be because of the cookouts, parties, and events that tend to play a lot of older music this time of year, but I love it!

All of these things inspired this season's playlist, freedom (which wasn't named after Beyoncé's track, by the way).

This season's playlist is filled with 90's inspired sounds and some Latin flavor in ode to Rio's Olympics. Freedom starts with slightly upbeat and feel-good hip-hop and R&B tracks (some you may recognize) that increases as it goes, and then descends and ends in a way where you think that it ended too quickly, which is totally reminiscent of how the season progresses. Isn't it crazy how the summer always go by fast and end quickly, especially when you're having fun? If you're doing a road trip and want something to ride to, or if you want something to listen and dance to in the latter part of the day, make sure you include this playlist in your rotation. (Be warned though: there will be an ad or two -- thank SoundCloud for that.)

My hope is that you have fun this summer and make some great memories. If you happen to make some memories while listening to this (hanging out with friends, meeting someone new, etc), let me know in the comments or over on Twitter

Thanks to my Twitter family over at #thelistening for introducing me to two projects that have songs on this playlist, to the amazing artists that created the work I included in this playlist, and thanks to all of you that are reading and listening. You are amazing and I appreciate you all.

Check out the playlist below and make sure you have fun, be safe, and enjoy the freedom of the season.





MUNDU - Campfire | Junia-T - We Got This (All Day) | T. Hemmingway - Soul Trekin'. | Rascal - Be Down | Anderson .Paak - Come Down | Kaytranada - ATCQ & Bussabuss-Oh My God (Kaytraedit) | Sángo - F.L.O.R. | Masego - Send Yo' Rita! | The Foreign Exchange - Can't Turn Around (Nicolay's Houstyle Takeover Mix) | eu-IV - dontletgoo | SiR - Happy | Esta - Luna | The Internet - Girl (Radio Edit) | Jeps - drownme | JaVonté - James Joint (Rihanna Cover) | Ki'Ki Steward - Poetic