Review | Get Moving with MUNDU's 'Qollapse' EP


I understand a few things about choosing solitude in pursuit of greatness and being afraid of getting out of your comfort zone, even if it's just leaving out of your home and your street. I also know the feeling that comes when you make those choices when you know that all you really want to do is be free, happy, and with the people you care about all the time, but you're just too washed for words. The struggle is real, but it doesn't have to be that way. 

MUNDU's new EP, Qollapse, reminds me of all of those feelings.  

When I talked to MUNDU for this Q&A earlier this year, the self-produced six track EP was going to be about "getting people out and about to enjoy life together, instead of being alone and miserable." This is still true. Messages in songs like "Campfire," "Sycamore Tree" (which is my personal favorite, particularly for the breakdown) and "The Tunnel Song" does that. It also encourages you to move with its electronic, R&B and hip-hop production, and each song smoothly flows from one to the other. 

Good music inspires you to move – not just physically, but mentally and even spiritually. Qollapse does that by encouraging me to reevaluate what I give my time and energy to...and, of course, by making me do a mean two-step and milly rock to lift my spirits. 

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