Press Play | Wake Up and Rise: Transcending Sound's Winter 2017 Playlist


I don't need to write a long and elaborate post about the state of the United States and of the world right now (and how it has been, to be honest). You see it all over the news, on social media, in some of the places you frequent, and in some of your daily interactions. A bit of us were prepared for the madness that would happen, some of us feel scared or angry, others find themselves in the middle, and some even feel apathetic.

I understand that history repeats itself, so I know that with every difficulty that people have faced, there has been a silver lining that shows itself...when people wake up and rise individually and collectively.  


This season's playlist, titled Wake Up and Rise (thanks to Solange for the inspiration!), is here to celebrate black history month, to commemorate our music and our people, to acknowledge our trials and tribulations, and to help us (remember to) wake up and rise.

Rise to your greatness, your excellence, your knowledge, your love and happiness, and all of the amazing things that reside within you. 

Check out the playlist below via SoundCloud and let me know your favorite song over on Twitter or Instagram.