Press Play | Ari Lennox - Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is soft, sweet, and light. But, within a few brief moments, it quickly dissipates, making you long for more, trying to fill the void. That’s what lust is: your desire to be with someone will continue to grow until you have the strength to shake off the person providing you with that energy, that addiction. Sometimes, in romantic relationships, the strength (or attempt) to let go comes through heartbreak.  Ari Lennox sings about this heartbreak on her new single, “Whipped Cream.” 

For some reason, I thought I was going to hear a more upbeat, even happier, song from the Dreamville vocalist when she announced her new single. It took me a few minutes to appreciate the song’s vibe. Ari’s raspy vocals, coupled with lyrics of resentment, provide a depth to the production and song title that I wasn’t ready for but began to enjoy. It’s a slow burn that I began to love after the third listen. I think it’s because I started to relate to the lyrics.

Heartbreak is a sad experience, especially when you realize that there was no love there. It’ll have you neglecting yourself (“stacking bills,” “robbing [your] chance of surviving”). It’ll have you showing jealous tendencies and thinking of him/her or seeing him/her in others (“vivid dreams of your face through people on TV screens”). It’ll even make you lose some sight of how truly great you are, thinking that you won’t shake that energy (“hoping I meet someone different, but it’s true that I don’t”). You may find yourself falling into this cycle of anger, jealousy, sadness and resentment that can hold you hostage…for as long as you allow it to. But, you allow it to, telling yourself that you “wish (you) didn’t care.”

This song may have you deep in your feels. Don’t let it keep you there though. Enjoy the song and appreciate the journey to healing.


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