Press Play | eu-IV - Matter

During our conversation last month (which I discussed here), Baltimore-based producer eu-IV told me that he would release his next project in April. Unlike his previous beat tape, Supernova, which dealt with depression, he gets into the light at the end of the tunnel with his new release.

Trippy vibes, from his use of arrhythmic sounds, and use of 90s hip-hop and R&B samples are usually what can accurately define eu-IV’s sound. However, eu-IV goes a little deeper in the construction of his familiar sound. Experimenting more with sound, texture, rhythm, and no use of samples brought about the trippy, interstellar journey of “Matter,” which he has kindly let Transcending Sound share. You can listen to it here first below.

eu-iv shinelikethesun cover

eu-IV’s project, SHINELIKETHESUN, will be available online via eu-IV’s Bandcamp page (click here to listen & purchase) on April 14 (which is his birthday, so send him some birthday love!) and April 17 on other major streaming services. Follow him on SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify.