More Urban Music Creatives, Curators and Brands to Follow on Social Media

I published the first installment of "Urban Music Creatives, Curators and Brands to Follow on Social Media" in 2017. It was received very well. I realized soon after publishing the first list that I left off a few people. So, I decided to share those people I left off plus others that I have enjoyed following since then. Check out the list below:

photo accessed via Billboard

photo accessed via Billboard

Salaam Remi



If you’re familiar with Salaam, then you are familiar with his production credits and how amazing they are. His sonically made beats could be used in music scores, like the beat he gave Nas for “A Queens Story” from Life is Good. But, you don’t get to hear his music on his Instagram. You’ll experience nostalgia: his timeline is filled with classic music videos. His timeline is literally a time capsule of hip-hop, R&B, 80s hits, gospel, and everything in between. Follow for the expertise and stay for the music curation.






His recreation of Cardi B’s Instagram videos have garnered him a lot of fans (including The Roots), but Dwyane Thomas Jr.’s bass playing should keep you tuned in. You’ll really stay put once you find out that he performed and recorded with Prince, and that’s the ultimate cosign. Get a good laugh from his Instagram videos and check out his album, A Place Called Fantasy, and other work on Bandcamp and other streaming sites. Make sure you peep the video of him performing with Prince here.  


photo via Vibe Magazine

photo via Vibe Magazine

Karlie Hustle 

media personality 


Twenty years in the music industry, with experience in media at many radio platforms (including being a music director at Hot 97 and currently working with Beats 1, makes Karlie one of the most important people for urban music creatives to listen to. (Don’t believe me? Go look at Karlie’s Instagram photo of her 3x platinum plaque for Young M.A’s “Ooouuu.”) She also served on the executive board of Jamla Records as their Director of Brand Relations. When she’s not talking about the music industry, she’s being a mom and being “brutally honest” on her podcast. Check it out on SoundCloud or via the Podcasts app on Apple and find her on Twitter and Instagram


Robert Glasper

pianist and producer


We don’t pay attention to jazz musicians enough in our realm. But, it’s important to keep track of artists like Glasper. He’s one of the creatives we have to thank for keeping jazz alive and relevant. When he’s not killing performances and making music with folks like Bilal, Erykah Badu, The Roots, and other legends and favorites, he’s cracking jokes and dropping gems on Instagram.




Jade Novah

singer-songwriter and actress


Many people know Jade for her hilarious and pretty accurate Beyoncé impersonations, but Jade has a promising career outside of her comedy via her social media and her occasional appearances on All Def Digital (and now as a coach on the new FOX show The Four. She was a background vocalist for Rihanna for the Anti world tour (and for others) and has done background vocals on awards shows. (You may have seen her singing behind Tamar Braxton on the 2017 Soul Train Music Awards). She also records her own music (which we may receive in 2018) and performs song covers with her husband, arranger and musician Devin Johnson. Two of these covers have been included on 2 of Transcending Sound's playlists. Although Instagram is a good spot to follow her on, you’ll see her full videos and more of her talent over on her YouTube channel.  


photo taken by Krista Tietjen accessed via Billboard

photo taken by Krista Tietjen accessed via Billboard




The Jamla emcee is a hardworking and humble lady that I actually got tongue tied with over the phone in October. Her first major label album, Laila's Wisdom, has gotten her first personal Grammy nominations. (Her first nomination came from her work on Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly). Follow her journey and story via Instagram


photo by MADWorks

photo by MADWorks

DJ R-Tistic



R-Tistic first came across my timeline when he did a mix of at least one song from each of Jay-Z's solo albums when  4:44 dropped. Watch it here. After hearing more of his mixes and after reading his resume of events he has DJ'd for (which includes TV network events, sports events, and some festivals), I knew that he was the real deal. Follow him on Twitter and listen to his mixes over on SoundCloud





Wendy Day  

consultant and author


There's a lot to say about Wendy Day. Wendy has had a lot of experiences with negotiating deals and assisting hip-hop artists in her work with her organization, Rap Coalition (an organization that Tupac was a founding board member of). She has been behind a lot of deals for No Limit Records, Cash Money, Eminem, and others. To receive some of the amazing music advice you can receive and learn more about her, check out her website, YouTube channel, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



Michael Stover

artist, editor and artist consultant


Sto is a writer for multiple publications (including DeadEndHipHop) and managing editor for TasteCreators, but is also an emcee and publicist. His work, writing and music experiences, and passion for hip-hop and music creatives have made him one of my favorites to follow on Twitter. Find out more about him and his services on his website , and make sure to check out his EP, “at the moment,” when it drops in February.