Press Play | (re)discovery: Transcending Sound's Winter 2018 Playlist

I don't know about you all, but love has been on my mind. Not just romantic relationships, but love in general. In all of its complexities, love is a beautiful thing and can truly be a blessing. Yes, that includes the negatives that can come from love, including falling out of love. There's lessons in all of its moments.

As much as I love certain things, I don't always show them love, and, with that, attention. That includes publishing on Transcending Sound at times where I doubted if my voice mattered and if I was sharing the right information. This lack of love and attention not only went to myself and to this site, but to the things I like to do and the things I like to listen to. For those that know me, I've played trumpet and piano in the past and truly loved how happy it made me. I was also a big jazz head who actively played it over hip-hop and R&B. R&B was my first love. With hip-hop's influence in the industry, it's easy to draw towards it. And even though I love hip-hop and I'm proud of hip-hop's major gains in the music industry, I want to show R&B and jazz more love and more appreciation. I also want to show love to artists in R&B that aren't very mainstream and share some of my favorite tracks from the early 2010s with you all that I've listenened to and loved more recently.

Finally, I felt a need to share light, and even some darkness in love on this playlist. Everything that seems to be bad in the moment doesn't have to remain that way. Like Frankie Beverly sang, there's "joy and pain," but the pain, doubt, discomfort, and confusion doesn't have to last. It's there for you to learn and grow from to provide you with a bigger perspective of what you want in life, which will truly be a beautiful thing once you grab sight of it and hold onto it. All of these reasons contributed to the inspiration of this winter 2018 playlist. It is also inspired by a song by Muhsinah called "Discovery," which serves as some of the inspiration of the title of this playlist. Check out the song here.


(re)discovery is mostly R&B. But, I made sure to add in a few jazz songs and a few hip-hop songs. So, it's perfect for Valentine's Day. Truth be told, it's perfect for Black History Month too since every song on the playlist (except one) is by a black creative. Celebrate those creatives too.


Check out the playlist here and share the whole thing or even a few songs from it if it moves you. If you're on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, tag me (@amirahrashidah on Twitter and Instagram, Transcending Sound on Facebook) if you decide to share.