5 Tips on How to Submit Music to a Website (or Any Other Medium)


It's important as a music artist to share his or her work using as many outlets as possible, including social media and websites. However, a lot of people don't know how to properly submit their music to websites or to any other medium to showcase their work. They either have no idea on what to do or they submit it incorrectly (and I've seen this happen multiple times on my previous site). This is where I'd like to help. Here are my five tips on how to successfully submit music to a site (or to any other medium):

1. Know your audience and research the site(s) you want to submit to.

It is very important to know who you are marketing your music to. Before you consider sending any work to any website, have a firm understanding of your music and your audience. Once you determine that, research the history, aims and audiences of the music websites you have considered to make sure that these sites are the best ones to reach out to. If you know your audience and the site markets to the type of demographic you'd like to reach out to, then that site is the perfect site to submit your work to.

2. Be concise about who you are and what you are sending.

Music reviewers do not like to read essays when musicians submit their work. You must know exactly who you are and should articulate that easily and as briefly as possible in your submission. Use a non-deceiving and eye-catching subject line for your email and include a brief bio of yourself, no longer than a paragraph or two, along with the work you want to send. Make sure to include a few sentences about the submitted work.

3. Proofread, proofread, proofread!

Writers can get really annoyed by poorly written submissions and will even ignore you because of it. Be personable yet professional. Make sure to reread for errors and make sure your submission includes some of the aims of the site. Also include a clear and professional photo of yourself with the submission, if sending by email.

4. Don't spam the website!

Whatever you do, please don't do this. I repeat: don't spam the site! If they don't respond to you in a reasonable time, submit it again, but make sure you're respectful when doing so. Don't send an email every single day about it or spam their social media accounts (that's a BIG no-no!). Sometimes, the reviewer may not read all of the submissions as they come in. Or, they may not like what you have submitted, and that's okay. Continue to submit work to other sites until you find a site that is willing to share your work.

5. Network when possible.

A lot of times, if not all the time, you have to go "old school" and adopt a street team mentality. Meeting someone in person and continuing the conversation after that meeting will better an artist's chances for being featured on a website. This means going to networking events and shows to create connections. Trust me, connections outside of the Internet are important.

To put it all together, it's important to know yourself, your fanbase and the site you want to submit to. With that, you must present yourself in a personable and professional way, online and offline, to better market yourself and your work. It may not be the quickest process, but it will be the most effective.

If you have any other tips, please share them in the comments or tweet them over to @amirahrashidah using the hashtag #TranscendingSound.