Five Musicians To Subscribe To On YouTube


One of my favorite things about YouTube and other social media platforms is that I can learn more about the artists that I like listening to. This means learning more about the process behind their music, their interests, and their lives. As much as we may not like everything that an artist says, it's refreshing to me to see an artist actually express themselves. Here is a list of my favorite YouTube channels that are curated by artists below. (Click the channel name or artist name to go to each channel.)

Chrisette Michele | Chrisette Michele TV


Chrisette Michele is branding herself as much more than an award-winning singer-songwriter. She's an actress, a reality TV star and a fashion and beauty content curator. Her channel isn't solely about fashion and beauty though -- we get to see a lot of behind the scenes into her new music, her concerts, and projects...with all of her quirkiness and silliness included, which is pretty awesome.

Outside of her YouTube channel, Chrisette has become a regular at BeautyCon, did a social media based tour called The Pose N Post Symposium (a workshop on how to operate social media for beauty content creators), launched a clothing line called Rich Hipster Belle, started her own label, Rich Hipster Music Dept., and launched a new website. That's even more awesome, right?!

Check her out on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram.

Ameriie | Books Beauty Ameriie


Ameriie is still out here in the music scene, y'all. It's just that she's been into being an author.

Yup, Ameriie has been writing books -- specifically fiction novels -- and I'm really excited about that!

Her YouTube channel, Books Beauty Ameriie is about interesting reads via tag videos, lookbooks and beauty hauls, and a few vlogs about her music career and life.

Check her out on Twitter and Instagram!

Brandy | ForeverBrandy


I don't know if anyone knows this, but Brandy is one of my childhood favorites. I've been a fan of hers since I was five or six years old starting with her debut album and all the way through Moesha, Cinderella and Double Platinum, through her entire music career, all of that. So, when she decided to start posting much more often on her YouTube channel, I was here for it!

ForeverBrandy came out of, from what I've gathered, her growth into a stronger and better woman -- building her faith, stepping out of her insecurities, embracing her beauty and talent, and a better life, which drew me even more to the channel. She hasn't uploaded in a while, but most of her videos have been about her Broadway performance as Roxie in Chicago. Currently, she's working on a new sitcom with BET called Zoe Ever After. I hope there's some new music coming...because...I miss her voice!

Check her out on Instagram!



I I have to say much about Yoncé, Queen Bey, Sasha Fierce, etc?

I'm not gonna lie: watching 7-11 is one of my guilty pleasures. But I personally like her behind the scenes videos, like for photo shoots, tours, and even for her nonprofit, BeyGOOD. If Beyoncé posted vlogs on her YouTube channel like she made for her documentary, the Internet would be lit, turnt up, broken, whatever slang you want to use to describe it..and I would be too. I'm not even a member of the BeyHive, but I may be for her vlogs.

Until that day happens, enjoy her awesome Instagram page.



Dwele is one of my favorite YouTubers, but he doesn't post much anymore. Sigh.

He's one of the most creative artists I've seen. He recreates songs in one sitting (ex: Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" and Mobb Deep's "Temperature's Rising"), makes music videos (peep the #15secondsundwes videos), vlogs with his friends, and there's even a DIY video on the page somewhere. Most of these videos are labeled ADBPs, which means 'Another Dwele Bootleg Production.' They're far from bootleg, but maybe that's just me.

Like I said, he's creative. Like really creative. I'm just waiting for that creativity to come in the form of another album.

Shade, no shade. *insert side eye and grin*

All jokes aside, find Dwele on Instagram.

Do any of you follow any music artists that post creative music videos on YouTube? Who would you love to see on YouTube? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @amirahrashidah.