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why does transcending sound focus solely on black and urban music creatives?

Because we love black people, urban music and culture, and we love the creatives that create from those experiences. We really love independent black and urban music creatives. Read why on our about page.



do you accept submitted music?

Transcending Sound accepts music for its season playlists, which are hosted on SoundCloud and Spotify, as well as occasional playlists we may share via Spotify. If you'd like to share music for us to include on either playlist, make sure to include a SoundCloud and/or Spotify link in your message via our contact page.


i don't create music, but i create art that is inspired by black & urban music creatives. can I be featured?

Yes, you can! We'd love to feature artists outside of music, especially if they are black and urban creatives whose work is inspired by black and urban music. Leave a link to your artwork in your message to us and we'll contact you ASAP.

how can i be featured on the site?

Our features are usually Q&As or interviews. If you think that you have an interesting story to tell that fits in with what Transcending Sound is about, pitch us! Start the conversation via our contact page by including a brief bio and links to your music, social media, and/or your website, and we'll contact you back as soon as we can.

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